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    According to the American broadcasting company (NBC), sources said, the horse boat turned suddenly lost in passenger plane off course are implemented by the flight management system on the aircraft, and related program is written before the co-pilot and atc last, the time difference for at least 12 minutes.
   Reported that the situation is to further strengthen the cabin staff plan and implementation of aircraft to guess, but does not necessarily indicate that the ulterior motives behind the move.
   Before the national transportation safety board investigators reg fee, "" gF" (G I ι h), said some pilots in case of emergency, alternative flight plan will be written to." We don't know this is an alternative plan to fly to Kuala Lumpur, or want to fly to other places outside Beijing. "He said.
   According to introducing, flight route change is through to the flight management system (FMS) input instruction, through the plane flight management system of information could address and reporting system (ACARS) back to the airlines maintenance base.
   But after the horse boat lost aircraft ACARS stopped working. What is not clear, confirmed that the horse boat, chief executive of 17 ACARS stop work happens in the co-pilot and atc last call before or after.
   According to the Malaysian authorities at a conference on the 17th, the co-pilot and atc calls for the last time at 1 am 19 points in 8, ACARS communication last time is 1 point, 7 points, because every half hour ACARS communication once, so the system is in 1 points, seven points to 37 points between 1 ceased to work. 1 point 21 points, the aircraft response is shut off, and atc lost.
   Conference yesterday in Malaysia not clear aircraft navigation program in the last 12 minutes before the call has been changed. this's server ""